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Get up: Is 54 really the age at which we lose our passion for life? | Science


name: I will stand up.

appearance: Lively, bold and adventurous.

age: 54.

I can assure you that the concept is older. Apparently not.

Did you mean that you didn’t get up until 54 years ago? No, people over the age of 53 say they don’t have anything.

Well, I’m over 53, but I think I can still get up a lot. You like to think wrong. Your getting up got up.

To be precise, what does it mean to “get up”? Your passion, your grit, your willingness to try new things and achieve fresh goals. Sadly, everything dried up.

Definitely it’s a general problem enough, but certainly the age at which it occurred Does it vary greatly from person to person? No. It’s 54.

Who says? Norwegian study published in New ideas in psychology, It examined the relationship between lifelong passion, “grit” and positive thinking.

And what did it find? The correlation between grit and passion was strong between the ages of 17 and 53, but was “insignificant” in the group between the ages of 54 and 69.

I don’t know what you are talking about. The grit score may be high, the passion score may be low, or vice versa. These intertwined qualities are necessary for high performance, but it seems that people over the age of 53 do not have them as a package.

Nonsense. How do they define their passion? As “a strong desire or enthusiasm for something”.

Yeah, I had it. And grit? As a quality of endurance “characterized by effort or diligence”.

Does not ring the bell. What does it mean for people over 50? “This means that it is more difficult to mobilize our grit and willpower, even if we are passionate,” said Professor Hermundur Sigmundsson, lead author of the study. .. psychology At the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. “Or we may have grit and willpower, but we’re not so excited about it.”

you know what? My determination to reach the bottom of this has completely evaporated. But it’s not too late. By developing and maintaining new interests, you can regain some of the old sparks.

I do not want to do it. “The mantra is’use or lose’,” says Sigmundsson. “And this is also in line with neuropsychology.”

Is it time to drink? No, it’s still morning.

please tell me: “Age is just a number. I will continue to be as passionate, determined and positive as ever!”

Don’t say: “I couldn’t find my glasses, so I went back to bed.”

Ebenezer Robbins
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