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Genshin Impact reveals some major features coming in the next update

Genshin Impact reveals some major features coming in the next update

Genshin Impact Developer miHoYo has unveiled some of the big features in PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile free-play games through its next update, Update 1.2. For example, developers have revealed that a chat feature will be introduced in the game with an update that allows travelers who have unlocked the friend system to chat with their friends using the “friends screen” or shortcut buttons. did. On the other hand, even if your companion is offline, you can send the message you receive when you launch the game and log in.

The developers have confirmed that they can stay on the topic of their friends and allow players to select their avatars and add their names to the notes that appear in their list of friends and chats. You’re the only one who sees the name, and the developers say it was added to eliminate the confusion caused by nicknames.

miHoYo has also confirmed that the update adds the option to continue new features and repeat domain challenges from within the domain. This means you don’t have to re-enter away to repeat the challenge.

A dialog autoplay option has also been added along with an option to skip the BP screen animation. Meanwhile, the travel log section is added to the archive. This section contains all text and audio dialogs from previously completed Archon Quests and Story Quests. According to the developer, this was added to allow the player to reread and play the dialog from the completed quest.

This update adds the ability to leave the Co-Op domain at any time without interrupting other players’ battles. On the other hand, during a Co-Op session, the host can disband the Co-Op team simply by returning to single player. When the team disbands, the player’s own progress will be restored.

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Finally, this update improves the domain and leyline outcrop reward system. This includes adding drops directly to your inventory.

Genshin Impact It’s available for free via PS4, PC, and mobile devices. It’s also playable on the PS5, and a suitable, native next-generation version is currently under development alongside the Nintendo Switch version.