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Get a glimpse of the inside of PlayStation 5 with a new disassembly of iFixit

Get a glimpse of the inside of PlayStation 5 with a new disassembly of iFixit

iFixit PlayStation 5 disassembly released And its DualSense controller — and it’s more detailed What Sony did earlier this year.. The gadget repair company found that the console had a lot of screws, and that there was a strange problem with replacing the optical drive.

The company also released the PS5’s always fun X-rays
Photo: Creative Electron (via iFixit)

I found that the optical drive was software locked to the motherboard. The physical replacement is obviously easy, but the replacement does not read the disc, so if the optical drive fails, it will be sent to Sony. Especially for me. I had a terrible luck with the PlayStation optical drive. The only drive that didn’t need to be replaced was the PS4 drive (only a few years old when it was sold).

However, owners of diskless digital editions don’t care. As we have seen, adding SSD is easy. When the console finally supports it: Simply remove the clip on one side panel and remove the screw.

PS5 power supply

Photo: iFixit

The disassembly also provides an internal look of the power supply (above) that Sony did not previously show us. As a PC game enthusiast, I’m always shocked to remember that the PS5 only has a 350W power supply (And it uses only 200 of those watts Under load! )

Dual Sense photo with the back removed

To me, the inside of the controller looks better than the console cyberpunk.
Photo: iFixit

Looking at the DualSense controller, iFixit found it relatively easy to replace the battery. This is good considering that it uses internal Li ions that deteriorate over time.Also Large scale 5.7kWh compared to the DualShock 4 3.7Wh pack. These adaptive triggers and tactile feedback motors need to be thirsty.We also get Another look With a great screw drive that powers those adaptive triggers.

What I can’t see is an easy way to unhook the LED that surrounds the DualSense touchpad. This may be a niche, but I absolutely hated the DualShock 4 lights. The new lights aren’t too annoying, but I’d like Sony to turn them off or allow gamers who are convenient to the driver to unhook them without doing too much. Fuss.

You can go Go to iFixit’s teardown page to see far more photos.. And if you want to feel what it’s like to disassemble the device (without jeopardizing the current situation) Virtually $ 1,000 console), The company provided a disassembly video that you can see below.

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