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Gina Carano says she was “bullied” by Disney


Gina Carano played Cara Dune in the first two seasons of The Mandalorian.

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Gina Carano keeps silence after Lucasfilm Said She will not appear as Cara Dune in future seasons of The Mandalorian and other upcoming Star Wars projects. Former MMA fighters claimed that Disney and Lucasfilm “bullied” her by the time she fired.

“I’ve had a lot of experience, but I’ve clearly seen the bullying that’s happening now. I’ve seen it before,” Carano said. Special episode of Ben Shapiro Show This weekend. “I’m not the only one who has been bullied by this company. I know it very well.

“I was able to share stories in the press that would turn things around, but I couldn’t share them because my friends were sold out. Everyone is afraid to lose their jobs.”

Carrano was reportedly warned by Disney and Lucasfilm about a controversial social media post. Wear a mask in a pandemic, Unauthorized voting In the 2020 presidential election Black Lives Matter Movement And Use of pronouns About the background of social media.

But it has now been removed from Carano Instagram post Being a Republican today is likened to being a Jew in the Holocaust published by Lucasfilm. statement The studio said it would no longer hire an actress. Carano was also dropped by her talent agent at UTA.

Carrano worked on an Instagram post, explaining that he was “inspired by the gentle spirit of the Jews of the time.”[w]I posted that I didn’t find it controversial. That was what I thought, well, maybe we all need to ask ourselves how it happened.

“I have all the big publications that say she compares conservatives and Republicans to this, and that’s not what I was really doing … I love everyone. I’m not a dislike person. “

Karano said he knew he was paying attention to the #FireGinaCarano movement, which started last year, thanks to an email that Disney officials mistakenly sent to her.

“I knew because they were so enlightening because they accidentally emailed me. I knew they were paying attention. I went to the bat for me. I know there was a bat, but I know I didn’t win in the end, “Karano said.

In the lead-up, Carano said she had already felt “head hunted” by Disney and Lucasfilm.

“Did you know that boxers sometimes hunt their heads and forget to look for their bodies? I feel like Disney, Lucasfilm, or certain people in the company … I’m hunted for my head I feel like I’m there, “Carano said.

“And you can feel it. Only a few weeks ago, Lucasfilm asked the artist to erase my character and place another character, and he proudly posted this on Twitter. A place to announce, erase my character and put in another character.

“All Cara Dune fans were indignant. They said,” Why didn’t you add the character? Why did you have to remove the character? Is there something wrong? Gina Will you be fired? “

Fans speculated that Cara Dune would appear in the next Star Wars: New Republic series Rangers, but it wasn’t confirmed.

Carrano reportedly discovered her status in Star Wars on social media when Lucasfilm issued a statement calling her comments “disgusting” and “unacceptable.” But she said she was ready to let go.

“I’ve seen this happen to so many people that I’m always ready to let go,” Carano said. “I saw the facial expressions on them. I saw bullying happening, so when this started, they pointed their guns at you, and you know it’s only a matter of time. I know. To so many people I saw it happen, and I just thought of myself … “You are coming for me, I know you are I am. “

“They make it so obvious through their employees who were coming for me, so I thought,” I’m going to swing down and stay loyal to myself. ” “

Carrano a few days after Lucasfilm issued the statement Said She will appear in a new movie on Shapiro’s Daily Wire conservative news site.

Despite the severance of his relationship with Star Wars, Carrano said he wouldn’t get off “without fighting.”

“The idea that this is happening to someone else, especially someone who couldn’t handle this the way I could, no, they can’t do that,” Carano said.

“They can’t make people feel that way … and if I succumb, it would be okay for these companies with a liar history to lie and do this to others, And they did it to others, and I wouldn’t get off without a fight. “

See the full conversation below.

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