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Give an iPhone to a new employee with a job application that no one dares to do

Give an iPhone to a new employee with a job application that no one dares to do

Sunday, May 30, 2021 7:00 PM (GMT + 7)

It’s no secret that low-wage employers are having a hard time finding and keeping workers.

The hardest hit is the food service sector, which faces a labor shortage. In some cases, the worker shortage is such that restaurants cannot even stay open seven days a week. The shortage is so severe that restaurants are attracting new employees to join their teams by offering substantial bonuses, even giving away free iPhones.

Promises of money attract workers, but unfortunately, not all employers are willing to raise wages. Instead, some managers are thinking of creative ways to attract and retain their employees. Such was the case with a McDonald’s that gave iPhones to new employees.

It sounds attractive, but if you look at the requirements of the job, perhaps no one dares to do it. First, it is not known which iPhone the company offers. Namely iPhone 12 New or old iPhone 6? Not everything is shown in the image that McDonald’s advertises. Second, employees must commit to working at the restaurant for at least 6 months.

Without stopping there, there are other criteria that are not clearly indicated on the notice board, such as not being complained by customers, not being late for shifts, 100% accuracy, etc. These are basically strict requirements that most employees cannot meet. .

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