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four new heroes, rune rework and more


Wild Rift Patch 2.3 is here and a lot of new content is being added. Like Mega Cycle 2.2, some new heroes have been added, including fan-favorite couple Lucian and Senna, runes have been redesigned, and more. This is what we know.

With Wild Rift dominating mobile phones around the world, fans are finally itching to have their favorite League of Legends champions in their pockets. For four lucky champions, this will finally come true in Wild Rift patch 2.3.

The mega update will introduce Irelia, Riven, Lucian, and Senna. That’s not all, with great rune tweaks, most notably the resolve tree, the new Close Friends feature, and tons of new skins. This is what you need to know.

When will Wild Rift patch 2.3 arrive?

Wild Rift Patch 2.3 will be released on June 1. You will need to update the new course within 24 hours to continue playing as it is distributed worldwide.

What will happen in Wild Rift patch 2.3?

Four new heroes: Irelia, Raven, Lucien, Sina

Four new League of Legends champions are coming to Wild Rift via patch cycle 2.3. Irelia, Riven, Lucian and Senna will be released on mobile MOBA starting in early June.

Wild Rift developers have had some issues trying to bring Irelia to mobile devices, particularly with Bladesurge. Your run will prioritize low and specific health targets when hovering, while your quick tap will target heroes.

Riot Games

Shake things up and surprise your enemies by adding Riven to your list.

The other three heroes were relatively unchanged from their PC sets.

Irelia and Raven will also be at the center of the upcoming Wild Rift event, Broken Blade. By completing the in-game missions associated with the two heroes, you can unlock them for free once released.

Rune Update: Kleptomancy Removed, Phase Rush Added

The biggest game changer in Wild Rift patch 2.3 is some huge rune updates. Cleptomancy returns to the vault just like its PC counterpart, with the addition of Phase Rush instead.

Game designer Mike “RogueFool” Breese admitted Blog developed on May 26.

Font of Life has been redesigned to effectively expand the range of heroes that can be captured. Bone rolling, second winds, and adaptive carding are added to the resolve tree. Conditioning, Mastermind and Sweet Tooth have also been reworked.

China and Lucien in lol
Riot Games

Senna and Lucian will be coming to Wild Rift in Patch 2.3.

Added Close Friends feature – Be an inseparable ally

A new feature has been added to Wild Rift to organize your friends list and highlight where your allies really are. Called close friends, you can become inseparable from your best allies and earn rewards for it.

You can have up to 20 close friends at the same time and you will level up playing together. The more you play together, the more benefits you can reap.

You can share your groups of heroes when you’re at a party in regular games, plus there’s an exclusive lobby, loading screen, and game code with your best friend.

Pool Party, Battle Academia, Skin Arcade a Wild Rift

Three of the most popular leather straps in the League are also available in Wild Rift patch 2.3. The pool party is here just in time for the summer, with Leona, Renecton, and Lee Sen getting dressed.

Battle Academia Israel Wild Rift
Riot Games

The popular Battle Academia skin line is coming to Wild Rift.

Battle Academia will also arrive with Ezreal and Lux, before expanding to League of Legends PC later this year, possibly for the last time.

Arcade Kai’Sa has also been added, with an expansion to the line of retro-themed luminous skins.

Wild Rift Patch 2.3 is scheduled for June 1.

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