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Good plan: Epic Games brings you the Prison Architect game

Good plan: Epic Games brings you the Prison Architect game

The second free game of the game, in Epic games, it is Prison Architect.
Welcome Guardians!

Only the most ruthless prison guards will be able to contain the cruelest of prisoners. In Prison Architect you will have to design and develop your personalized prison facility.

Custom detention

Allocate your resources to maximize the efficiency of your resort, but keep traffic flowing in the event of a flood, fire, fight, or disturbance.

Invest and innovate

Take advantage of federal money raised through grant applications and use it to fight epidemics, gang activity, litigation and more!

Grez with a grip

Make sure your prison is more or less ethical and has good quality staff, including armed guards, psychiatrists, doctors, lawyers, and informants.

Case-by-case detention

Their inmates with a unique criminal past require individualized treatment programs, specific work schedules, and rehabilitation workshops.

spectacular escape

Try to escape from one of your safest prisons in Escape mode or try one of more than 12,000 player-created prisons in online mode. extend your empire to infinity in free mode.


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