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Good trading news for Coinbase Altcoin Investors!

Good trading news for Coinbase Altcoin Investors!

ASSEMBLE Protocol, the leading Blockchain-based global point integration platform, announced the addition of the ASM utility token to Coinbase Custody. This means that the altcoin ASM project will gain access to a cold storage solution at Coinbase Custody, one of the largest custodians in the crypto space.

Coinbase Custody provides support for the altcoin ASM project!

ASM’nin Coinbase The addition to custody has been confirmed by the official statement from Coinbase Institutional. According to his tweets, Coinbase Custody has officially approved the ASM token to be added to the cold storage service after technical and crypto compliance review. Considering that Coinbase Custody users can now access the altcoin project, this is an important milestone for the ASSEMBLE protocol. The escrow platform is considered one of the largest and most trusted encryption storage solutions for individual and institutional investors.

According to experts, the addition of ASM to Coinbase Custody is expected to bring a new level of security and trust to the ASSEMBLE protocol. As part of this retention support process Coinbase Custody will now allow deposits and withdrawals for the ASSEMBLE (ASM) protocol token. ASM token holders now have access to a new option for asset retention. It should be noted that Coinbase Custody offers custody services for 90 cryptocurrencies. The ASSEMBLE Protocol community continues to grow and according to experts, the listing in Coinbase Custody will accelerate the Blockchain platform.

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