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errori batteria Android

revealed the secret procedure to regenerate the phone battery for free

Because the android battery Is it starting to last less and less? Why can’t you make it to the end of the day while completely removing the load from games and video calls on 4G? The answer can be found in the Battery section in the Phone Settings, but apps are not always responsible for draining the battery of devices.

In some cases, in fact, it is necessary to disturb a procedure called Android smartphone calibration, through which a logical reset of the device’s reading percentage values ​​is performed. It’s no coincidence that a full recharge is likely to be cut in half, leaving room for a phone blackout at any moment. Use these simple tips to get things back to normal.

Android Calibration: Maybe It’s Time To Do It

Let’s start by saying that this procedure must be carried out during the first purchase or monthly / quarterly depending on the state of wear of the components that power the devices. If you feel like you are 100% charged but really only have half autonomy you have to do it like this:

  • use Android smartphone until battery is completely drained (phone should not be able to complete boot)
  • insert charger
  • leave the phone charging up to 100% with the charger connected
  • continue charging waiting another 2-3 hours after full charge
  • unplug the cord for 10-15 minutes leaving the device turned off
  • reconnect the cable (smartphone is still off) for another 10-15 minutes
  • with the phone still charging, turn it on until you have completed logging in
  • now unplug the charger
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If the procedure is unsuccessful, the advice is to contact a service center who will replace the battery with an original model.