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Google Chrome 90 BETA available: what's new

Google Chrome 90 BETA available: what’s new

Google made available the 90th BETA version of your browser, which adds a handful of new features. Let’s find out together what it’s all about.

What’s new in Google Chrome BETA 90

Google Chrome 90 BETA enter the following:

  • Introduced more realistic estimates for lighting in the Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)
  • Improvements for the CSS
  • New and advanced method of capturing video
  • Improvements to the Audio sector through MediaStream
  • New option to facilitate the quick addition of certain elements in videos such as subtitles and various effects
  • Added theAV1 encoder in the Desktop version, designed for videoconferencing optimization, through the WebRTC, this makes video compression improvements possible for those with low bandwidth

Finally, a long series of improvements are made that you can consult in the official blog.

For Download Google Chrome 90 BETA just go to Play store or through the following badge:

Chrome Beta
Chrome Beta

If you already have the application installed on your smartphone, you can always update it directly from Play store, searching for the app and then tapping To update, or opening the Play store, tapping on the side menu and up My apps and games finally in To update next to Google Chrome BETA.

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