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Google is suffering from a global outage due to Gmail, YouTube and other services going down | Google

Google has been hit by a global outage and reports of failures across its services, including Gmail. Google Calendar and YouTube.

From around 11:50 AM Greenwich Mean Time, the outage seemed to affect most of Google’s services, except for searches that worked almost unaffected.

Despite the universal nature of outages, the company’s automated system report For both consumer and developer cloud tools, the service is fine for the first 30 minutes of the outage.At 12:25 pm, the company released the latest information, “I’m aware of the problem … Affecting the majority of users. Affected users are inaccessible. [Google services].. “

The outage appeared to be related to a company’s authentication tool that controls how users log in to services run by both Google and third-party developers.

In other words, tools such as Gmail and Google Calendar that only work after logging in were completely unavailable. Third-party services that use Google’s authentication platform are still accessible to users who are already logged in, but when users try to sign in or out of the service, they fail.

Services such as YouTube have completely failed for users who are already signed in to their Google account, but are accessed in “private browsing” mode to see the signed-out version of the site that is still working. It’s done.

The outage severely disrupted many workplace services. One of the affected services, Google Suite, manages not only email communications, but also in-office messaging via chat and meet services, and actual work via Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

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People who use other services also had problems. For example, a worker who relies on Slack, a chat app owned by Salesforce, could only talk to colleagues who were already logged in at the time of the outage.

For teleworkers, the outage affected Google’s smart home services such as Google Home smart speakers, Nest thermostats and smoke detectors. While operating in failsafe mode, users cannot access the service through the app and change settings.