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Google launches operating system for old computers

Google launches operating system for old computers

ChromeOS Flex makes old computers work again: Google has now released its operating system. The software doesn’t just run on Windows PCs.

Chrome OS Flex is primarily intended for businesses and schools using older Windows PCs who want to modernize and simplify their IT setup. The software can also be a solution for companies that operate sustainably and want to produce less e-waste by using old hardware.

Google has tested its operating system with devices from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, LG, and Toshiba, among others. But Flex is also said to run on some of Apple’s legacy computers, including Macbooks that are more than a decade old. So far, 295 devices have been certified for use, Google writes.

Tasks are outsourced to the cloud

With Chrome OS Flex, Google is primarily focused on ease of use and broad accessibility. Since many tasks are outsourced to the cloud, ie the Internet, the operating system can also be used on old and weak computers.

Google had tested its operating system for half a year in an early access preview. About 600 bugs were fixed, reports the American magazine “The Verge”.

Users can install the operating system on the computer from a USB stick or through the company network. It is also possible to test it using a USB stick by starting the software from there.