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Google launches the first version for Android 12 developers


Shortly after the leaks began to reveal what awaits us for the next operating system for Android-based devices, Google is ahead of the schedules we have become accustomed to from previous years and launches the first version for developers of Android 12 , which shows quite a few changes from the previous version.

The first version for Android 12 developers can be downloaded right now through the company’s developer website. By clicking here, But pay attention – This is the first version for developers, and this indicates the possibility of a large number of errors and system instability, and it is not recommended to install it on your personal device.

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The developer version is available for the following models:

  • Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 3a / Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL
  • Pixel 4a / Pixal 4a 5G
  • Pixel 5

When will the final version of Android 12 be released?

Google’s schedules are tighter this year on the way to releasing the final version of Android 12 for all users, which the company is planning onAugust 2021When we’ll see more developer releases in March and April and between May and July, a number of beta releases will be open to the general public. In August, Google will present the fourth and final beta before the final version, according to the roadmap published today (Thursday 18.2) Google On the developer’s site its.

What’s new in Android 12

As with any new version of the Android operating system, Google adds features that touch on user privacy and security, along with final features that will add to the overall user experience with the release of Android 12 and other behind-the-scenes enhancements. . which will improve the overall use of the system.

Image: Google

New features in Android 12

One of the interesting additions that we found in the list that Google shared regarding Android 12 is The ability to transfer files between applications.. The new operating system will be able to easily transfer multimedia files between compatible applications, so you can cut and paste multimedia files between applications and transfer formatted text (Rich Text), which is expected to significantly increase the use of Android-based devices for operations. productive and even launch the capabilities built into tablets as a tool with applications like Office or Photoshop.

On the visual side We are also expected to see changes, some of which have been revealed in a previous leak, but we may see more changes to the overall display of the operating system until the release of the final version of Android on August 12. Google notes that changes to the visual appearance will reach many parts of the operating system, including the app drawer and the notification curtain, while animations and transitions between apps will look smoother. Application alerts will also change, presenting an expansion option to view extended information without having to fully open the application.

Another set of features that users will get in the new system relates to image, video and audio formats.

The HEVC video format, which has become popular in recent years due to its storage capacity, the video files will be captured while shooting with the camera on the phones, but if users wanted to play the files in third-party applications , they often had trouble doing it. so. In Android 12, Google is adding support for an additional layer that will convert to this type of file encoding, so that they can be played in other applications, thus convincing users to switch to a cheaper video recording format.

In addition to this, there is also support for the AV1 (or AVIF) image format, a replacement for the popular JPG images that will also save on storage volume. And finally there is also the MPEG-H audio format, which will get a major update in Android 12, with support for up to 24 channels, instead of the 8 that were previously available.

Security, privacy and more updates in Android 12

One of Google’s great efforts in Android versions over the years has been trying to separate the different modules that need updating, so that phone manufacturers can see system updates more easily and reduce the display of updates. significantly late (which has not been resolved to date). , while the other side was the Mainline project, which allows to separate different parts in Android so that it is possible, at a minimum, to show faster updates, without needing a full system boot.

Google is now adding more updates to Mainline that will allow the system responsible for running applications (Android Runtime or ART for short) to perform updates more efficiently, while also the video format conversion option mentioned in the previous section will depend on the project. Mainline, which is expected to improve conversion time.

The security side is expected to receive updates as well. Google, as well as other companies, have recently been working to significantly reduce online tracking options for users to collect information to target ads, and this side will get a broader reference on Android 12, after Google has already started make updates on the subject in your Chrome browser. This will allow Google to narrow down the options to track users using a browser view on third-party apps installed on the device, and additional security updates related to this will come in the next versions of Android 12, according to the company.

Apps performed in the background by apps will be significantly reduced in the next version, and Google plans to add alerts to users as soon as apps perform actions that are not visible to users (behind-the-scenes processing) for a period of time. dragged on. , beyond 10 seconds. This is expected to add transparency in the operation of applications, but more than that, it is expected to lead to savings in battery life as developers work harder to reduce system access times for such operations.

These are the main features that we found in the update provided by Google, there are many more features that will likely be revealed in the beta and developer versions below. If you want to read all the material, you can On the developer’s site Of Google.

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