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Streamer used the literal pomegranate controller to complete the sweet and juicy Hades run.

Streamer used the literal pomegranate controller to complete the sweet and juicy Hades run.

Hades, Supergiant Games’ Greek-themed roguelike games can be quite difficult games. However, one brave Twitch streamer took on the challenge by defeating the game in an incredibly non-traditional way, using a real pomegranate-made controller.

Pomegranate is a big part of the game Convenient power-ups, And they also have An important place in Greek mythology.. But I never imagined that someone could use a real pomegranate to defeat the last boss.

To create the controller, streamer Dylan “Rudeism” Beck cut the pomegranate into 10 pieces and cut them into pieces. MakeyMakey circuit board A ground wire was taped from his arm to the board to make them act as capacitive pushbuttons. This is how the contradiction works, According to Beck: “My arm is connected to MakeyMakey via a ground wire, and touching one of the pomegranates creates a loop between the pomegranate and the circuit board. This is the input.”

You can see Beck assembling the controller (and making his first attempt to beat the game with it) This video:

Beck first tried to play the game on pomegranate 6 days ago, And he has been grinding I will do it Since then, I’ve been chasing an elusive escape from the underworld.Overnight, Beck finally did that and successfully defeated the last boss of the game. Spectacular battle This included the failure of two cardiac arrest controllers.

This is not Beck’s first attempt to play a game with a non-traditional controller.actually Something like him..Among other notable feats, he won the adorable Battle Royale platformer round. Fall guy When Jelly beans..

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