The excellent Lens feature of Google Photos allows you to capture text on your mobile and receive it as text for anything that can be edited and edited on your computer.

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In 2017, Google announced an app Google Lens That turned your smartphone’s camera into something of a search tool in its own right. Now Google’s impressive app is taking a first step on the road to your desktop with a very useful feature that will allow you to copy text directly from images and scans.

Press a button and the image text will be available

Until now it was possible to take a photo and with the help of Lens, Google scanned it and allowed you to copy the text that appears on it or perform various actions with it. Now Google allows this function in the web version of Google Photos, also on the computer. Once you try to enter one of your images that also contains text, a new option will appear offering you to copy the text from the image next to the Lens logo. Clicking on it will open a window next to the image with the text that Google was able to identify. All you have to do is select the text you want to copy from the panel or, more importantly, copy the text from the image itself and paste it wherever you want.

Until now, this feature was available as part of the Lens app, and we at the Gikti system use it a lot too. But if you wanted to copy text from a mobile image to use text on your PC, for example, you had to use Microsoft’s Your Phone, or simply send the text from your mobile phone in a messaging app. The new Google Photos feature takes this feature directly to where they store all their photos and access them on their computer, or at least until they remember it.They will soon have to pay to back up their new photos..

We tested the new feature and it works in both Hebrew and English, so it can be very useful to many. This is currently the only Lens feature making its way into the rest of the Google ecosystem, and it will be interesting to see if other features like identifying people, objects, plants, and more will make their way to other apps or Chrome as well. In the last few weeks alone, Google rolled out the Pixel devices’ successful live transcription feature directly into Chrome, so other smart features may already be on the way. Anyway, we were left wondering where the Google Lens tracking feature was when we were students.

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