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one of the maps has been leaked and will please the fans of the first hour

One of the Battlefield maps was revealed on Twitter on April 10. This is Wake Atoll, a place well known to fans of the series, as it has been present in many titles. It is also a key WWII site, which could therefore be overhauled in a futuristic war.

Credits: @allthingsgaming via Twitter

Battlefield 6 little by little he begins to reveal his secrets. We know, for example, that the game should offer a Battle Royale mode with 128 players simultaneously. Some story and game elements were also leaked, but the title is still missing from a trailer to confirm all these rumors. This does not prevent leakers from continuing to provide information prior to publication.

Tom Henderson, the most prolific of them all, returns to reveal some crisp new details. Although it failed permanently lose your Twitter account for revealing information, It is to him that we owe what is surely the most interesting leak to date. In fact, this is one of the maps available in the game, which would be a desert island. But not just any desert island, as this would be part of Wake Atoll.

Battlefield 6 goes back to basics

Fans of the series are familiar with Wake Atoll. Located in the northern Pacific Ocean, it became US property in the late 19th century, before being transformed into a military base in 1941. The latter was attacked by the Japanese at the same time as the Pearl Harbor raid, the same year. . There are no less than seven titles of the saga that stepped there: Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield V.

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Of course, we could look forward to the reuse of this map by Dice. However, it promises to appear in a new light, while the information points to a scenario around a fictional third world war. However, it is wise to take a step back on this revelation: Tom Henderson specifies that he did not get no confirmation this is Wake Atoll. It indicates that the island could also be in Vietnam or even Hawaii.