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Google Maps takes “shocking” photos of girls on the street … photos and videos



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The roaming function in Google Maps provides a great service for tourism enthusiasts through the possibility of transporting people to areas they dreamed of visiting, simply by clicking on a pointer or colored dots on the map.

Some points and lines refer to routes embedded in maps, called function (Google Maps Street View), where 3D images were captured in different security points of the world, allowing you to walk and see these places just by clicking on these routes .

And dedicated cameras capture these images and scenes of various famous tourist places in the world, with the aim of including them in Google Maps.

“Chance” The cameras are installed Three-dimensional on car roofs to record world famous roads and tracks.

These images are then collated and combined to form A virtual world Interconnected with different roads and forks that a person can trace through the arrows.

But imaging technology includes some unwanted flaws, as cameras sometimes take pictures of people in critical situations and sometimes in inappropriate poses.

And “Google” in most cases reviews and verifies the images with the aim of blurring the faces or erasing the inappropriate images they record. Camera lenses.

The site indicated in More than adequate Given the existence of strange cases that are captured by photographic lenses, the last case was from Florida, where a woman was photographed in an embarrassing situation.

The site noted that another woman appeared in a situation described as “shocking”, where the woman is on a sunny day in front of her house “without clothes”, according to the site that showed the blurred images, but the woman covered her face with his hand in an indication that he had seen the camera.

The website also posted another photo of a woman on the street next to her car, where she places her hand on the back of her body.

According to the site, the features of the woman’s face were fortunately erased, which concealed her identity and did not cause her embarrassment.

On the other hand, Multiple sites denied Some photographs, as she confirmed that they were taken at various events and occasions, and were not included in the “Google Maps” function, but they were widely circulated on social media on this basis, which caused some inaccurate images to be disseminated in more of an occasion. .

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