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Google Meet tests live caption translation

Google Meet tests live caption translation

Google meetingstarted testing a new function. At this point, his goal was to bring convenience to cooperating companies globally. work space Your users take Google’s accessibility feature to the next level with automatic translation between languages. So, new live subtitle translations have arrived in beta.

To be included in the beta test, we first have to press the three-dot ‘More’ button. Then we can access the Subtitles section by going to the settings icon. At this point, there is something to be careful about. First of all, the subtitles must be enabled and set to English. Users then have the opportunity to activate the live translated subtitles feature. You can also choose your language at this time.

Google Meet merges with Gmail!

With the Google Meet app, you can now make quick video and audio calls from Gmail.

Subtitle translation for Google Meet is still in beta

The beta version is currently limited. for a moment English meetings French, Portuguese Y German you can translate it into your language. Also, just work space available to users. Google, stated that the feature may not have the best translation quality and may not be available outside of beta.

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Photography: Android Central

available for beta testing work space between accounts Business Plus workspace, Standard Company, Plus Company, Education Plus Y Teaching and learning update it’s found. Other types of accounts also had the opportunity to test the beta version. However, there is the possibility of losing access after the beta version ends.

If you are interested in testing the beta version of the new live subtitle translation feature, Google Forms You can express it with However, only work space‘from Super Moderator Those who have the role can register.

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