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Google Photos: How to Optimize People Recognition: Naming, Grouping, and Hiding Faces


the photo platform google photos has been able to offer a powerful search function for many years, giving users extensive options to search the photo database without any prior sorting. This is based, among other things, on the face recognition or the recognition of the people portrayed. To ensure this works reliably, a little manual support can’t hurt.

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With the search function of Google Photos, you can not only search for objects, landscapes or metadata, but these can also include the people photographed. But while objects or buildings can be automatically classified and titled by Google Photos, this is of course not possible for people or their faces. So you need a boost, which you need to give once and keep checking to maintain the database.

Here we summarize all the tips that have been described in great detail over the past few weeks.

name people
Google Photos can recognize the faces of all the represented people and also assign them to each other, but only unnamed images remain, which of course you can hardly use. Therefore, you must name them so that they are displayed correctly in photos, in search suggestions and also to be able to use them in the search function. Simply click once on one of those faces until you are in the overview of all images. There you can give this person any name on the top edge, in the title area.

» Google Photos: How to name people

A group of people
Facial recognition works very well, but not perfectly. Sometimes identical people are identified as two or more different and the images are classified accordingly. But Google Photos is still smart enough to recognize this possible algorithm error and asks if you want to summarize people. There’s an assistant who always has new faces at the ready and wants to help you keep things tidy.

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To do this, simply click on the list of all recognized people in the search suggestions and open this summary. If there are recognized duplicates, you can merge them directly from there, or if the algorithms have made a mistake, leave them individually.

» Google Photos: How to group people

hide people
Face detection detects all faces, even if they are only in the background or even if they are blurred. As a result, people you don’t even know can always show up. But maybe also people who wanted to appear in pictures a long time ago and who should no longer be listed for various reasons. You have the option to simply hide these faces or people without having to delete the original photos. All you have to do is click the “Hide Faces” link above the bar and you can apply the filter there.

» Google Photos: This is how you can hide individual people

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