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Google Pixel 4a proves elasticity with bending and durability tests

Google Pixel 4a proves elasticity with bending and durability tests

While Pixel 5 Is currently Google’s trendy mobile phone, and its design was highly introduced on the Pixel 4a in August. Today’s durability tests show that the Pixel 4a’s plastic design is extremely elastic, especially when compared to other low-priced handsets this year.

Pixel 4a durability test JerryRigEverything Today, I make a call through a regular check gauntlet. Gorilla Glass 3 displays “level 6 scratches and level 7 deep grooves”. This is very standard.

A subtle speaker grill that is frankly easier than the Pixel 5 Underdisplay implementation, Made of plastic and “safe”.

Bringing a razor blade to a cell phone isn’t part of normal wear, but a black polycarbonate unibody can literally be scraped off. This video shows that shaving the top and bottom reveals a layer of “thin copper” that probably acts as part of the antenna.

When bent, the Pixel 4a initially shows a curve, but the smartphone “locks out” and doesn’t snap. This is true in both directions. This durability test compares it to the OnePlus Nord. Frame snap After bending, the screen broke, followed by a second-generation iPhone SE loaded with glass.

The Pixel 4a 5G probably takes the same design and durability clues as the 4G LTE-only variant. Hopefully the larger screen size (5.8 vs 6.2 inches) won’t be a factor in the bend test. There are additional antennas for millimeter waves, but after adjusting components such as the dual camera system, the internal layout is probably more like a Pixel 4a than a 5.

Details of Pixel 4a:

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