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Google presents Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, the first with the new Tensor SoC (photos and videos)

Google presents Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, the first with the new Tensor SoC (photos and videos)

Nicola Leagues

For the official presentation we will still have to wait, but Google seems ready for battle.

In a surprise move, usually from Google, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have just been introduced (we can call it “puzzle“?) About 2 months before what will be the official launch, planned “in autumn” (most likely in October). In fact, today’s announcement from Google is not so much about smartphones, of which we learn several details, but about the SoC that will animate them: Tensor, the first custom Pixel-specific processor. The purpose of Tensor is clear: to build a mobile platform that allows Google to bring its latest technologies based on AI and machine learning to Pixel users. Google he claims be working on it since good 4 years, just to give you an idea!

From lightweight polished aluminum frame from the 6 Pro, to the matte aluminum finish of the 6, with the new Pixels Google aims to improve all aspects, starting with the completely renewed rear cameras, and arranged in a “room bar“Because more space was needed than the traditional square could offer.

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The presence of Tensor ultimately means not only completely new functions, not previously available, but also improvements to the pre-existing ones, in the photographic field but not only (Google speaks precisely of natural language recognition, among the examples, but it will be worth seeing also in Italian). Additionally, by combining Tensor’s new security core with Titan M2, the Pixel 6s will have more layers of security hardware than any other smartphone.

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Google stops leaving a link to Google Store, which dangerously available only in the US version (as indicated in the comments, in the “Pixel” menu of the Italian Google store there is also an item related to the Pixel 6, with the inscription, in English,next fall ’21“And a reference to the link above: we hope good!), where there is already a page prepared for the Pixel 6, thanks to which we also learn the colors that will be available: black, silver and gold for Pixel 6 Pro, e black, teal and red for Pixel 6. The US press has already been invited to a demo of the two smartphones, although without a real practice that accompanies it, at least for now. Let’s hope Google doesn’t leave us out of the game, like last year with the Pixel 5, because this time it does. we would regret Really.

Source: Google