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Google uses a new security standard for VPNs


Google backs a new security standard for VPN

Is about Google One VPN, which has been approved by the Internet of Secure Things Alliance, a body in charge of certifying IoT security. Now it has released a new security certification for mobile apps and VPN.

This new certificate includes different additional requirements for mobile VPN apps. Both Google and Amazon have worked on setting up the criteria, in addition to a number of certified labs. By all these criteria, Google’s VPN within the Google One service has been one of the first to be certified.

The profile certification of the mobile application includes checks for insecure interfaces, automatic updates, secure password management, default security, as well as an evaluation of whether the software has been verified. Keep in mind that this is a very important program for our privacy and security, so the standards have to be very robust.

Several VPNs for private users have obtained the certificate. We can include Google One, as we have indicated, as well as other well-known ones such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN or the McAfee VPN.

This verification is very interesting for VPN applications for Android, which is the most used operating system on mobile devices. This way they can avoid, or at least reduce, the risk of malicious VPNs on the official store.

Using secure VPNs is very important

The safety, in general, it is a fundamental factor both for private users as well as companies and organizations. However, when using certain programs the risks can increase. A VPN serves to encrypt our data when browsing, to be able to hide our real IP address.

In case we are using insecure software we could have problems. Our personal information could be compromised. We could have problems that jeopardize the proper functioning of our equipment and of course also our own privacy.

This means that we must always choose Secure VPN. We must avoid those that are free, since they could be used to collect information to sell it to third parties and profit from it. They could also contain malware and even be able to redirect traffic to Phishing sites. You can see a list of the best cheap VPNs.

Therefore, using VPNs that are secure is really essential. We should not take risks in this regard and opt for software that may be a problem. Luckily we can have many options for both mobile phones and computers. We must always inform ourselves and choose the alternative that best suits what we are looking for. One more way to avoid unnecessary risks.

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