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Gotham Knights developer is apparently starting work on a new AAA game

Gotham Knights developer is apparently starting work on a new AAA game

It appears that WB Montreal is preparing to start work on a new AAA game, based on recently posted job openings.

Developer Gotham Knights is wrapping up Batman’s cooperative action game, but games for PC He found a list of jobs that might give us an idea of ​​what they are going to do next.

Ready to get Senior Game Programmer / Animator featured at WB Games Montreal He says he is looking for talented people “to work with the game development team responsible for a new IP, AAA.” The role of the successful candidate will include optimization of “multiplatform gaming systems” and “NPC behaviors”, among other responsibilities, such as rag doll setting.

As noted by PCGamesN, the studio’s website states that WB Games Montreal is “focused on developing games that extend the DC universe into interactive space.” While that doesn’t completely rule out new IPs, it would be a big change for the studio to move to a new AAA IP address, as the job listing suggests.

There have long been rumors that the studio was working on a Superman game, and concept art for the canceled game leaked online in April 2020. This list indicates that WB Montreal may not reopen this old wound anytime soon. , despite the “IP”. New ”could simply be a new DC game project outside of the Batman universe.

Either way, we’ll have the Knights of Gotham before the new AAA IP. The game was postponed from 2021 to March this year “to give players the best possible experience.” Gotham Knights will now launch in 2022.

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