With the new trailer for the game Big Mountain Adventure: Wonderland players can now prepare for the new winter sports adventure. Starting March 10, players can explore the snowy slopes and overcome numerous challenges in the open-world ski and snowboard game. Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands is developed by the Swedish development studio Toppluva and published by the French publisher Microids.

About Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderland

Exploration, a huge environment, challenges, tricks, local multiplayer and even a bit of relaxation thanks to Zen mode – there is something for every fan of skiing and snowboarding. Winter sports fans can strap on their skis or boards and go on a grand adventure in the snowy mountains.

A new trailer shows off the entertaining gameplay:

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Revised version with local multiplayer mode:

With over 8 million players to date, the game is now coming to Nintendo Switch. Grand Mountain Adventure was originally released as a mobile game for Android and iOS. This revised and expanded version features significantly improved graphics, such as a new AI, local multiplayer, new mountains, and much more.

Game features:

  • An Ode to Exploration: Players strap on their skis or boards and explore 12 vast open-world ski resorts. They discover dusty inland areas, deep forests with wildlife, busy hillsides, sheer cliffs, high peaks, and cozy mountain villages.
  • Numerous Challenges – Numerous challenges await you in the mountains – players compete in Super G, Slopestyle, Big Air and many other disciplines. They can search for hidden challenges and secret evidence off the beaten track.
  • Collecting ski passes can also unlock new lifts and mountains.
  • Ski alone or with friends: In local multiplayer mode, up to 4 players can play against each other or against each other. They run to the finish line, have a snowball fight, or run down mountains together. Entire mountains can be explored together.
  • A well-deserved break with Zen Mode: Zen Mode is all about having some quiet, rejuvenating time for yourself. All challenges, trials, collectibles, and even NPCs are removed, leaving entire mountains untouched to explore alone. Winter sports fans can have a hot chocolate after the big descent and enjoy the snowy mountains at their own pace.

Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands will be available in German-speaking stores on March 10 for Nintendo Switch.

limited edition

grand mountain adventure wonderlands limited edition
There is also a physical limited edition of Grand Mountain Adventure Wonderlands.

The Limited Edition is available for pre-order now and includes:

  • Exclusive textile logo
  • snowy stickers
  • 2 winter postcards