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"Aperture Desk Job": Valve is giving away a small "Portal" branch

“Aperture Desk Job”: Valve is giving away a small “Portal” branch

For the Steam Deck release, Valve released a small game called “Aperture Desk Job”. The short title is set in “the reasonably popular ‘Portal’ universe”, as Valve describes it. “Aperture Desk Job” is free for all Steam users.

You also don’t need a Steam Deck to “Opening Desk Job” to play: the title basically runs on any computer or laptop. The only requirement is a driver: According to Valve, input via mouse and keyboard is not supported.

Characteristic ‘Portal’ humor permeates the game’s description: “‘Aperture Desk Job’ reinvents the racing sim genre and transports it into the lightning-fast, endorphin-filled world of sitting still at desks,” writes Valve. . To the According to PCInvasion gaming magazine you can complete the “Aperture Desk Job” in 30 minutes.

Valve describes the title as a “playable demo for the Steam Deck” designed to introduce players to the controls and features of the device. 2,500 Steam users have found this to be “extremely positive”. It’s unclear how many of them have actually played on the Steam Deck. The first installments are said to have shipped on February 28. However, many fans who have pre-ordered a device are still waiting for their invite link.

The first test reports of the Steam Deck were published last week and paint a positive or mixed picture: many media outlets praise the basic idea and the amazing performance of the Steam Deck. On the other hand, it is often criticized that the software currently feels a bit immature. The noisy fans and screen are also sometimes cited as negative points.

Game selection was also problematic for many testers: while most games basically work, they often require a bit of effort to set up or don’t work perfectly. Bungie Entertainment has completely rejected the Steam Deck: its online game “Destiny 2” should not work under the Proton compatibility layer, which runs on the Linux system of the Steam Deck. If you want to play “Destiny 2” on the Steam Deck, you must install Windows.


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