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great success with Apex Legends

great success with Apex Legends

The new edition of the Open Fiber Cup did not betray expectations with Apex Legends, a team Battle Royale title from Electronics Arts, which was the main protagonist of the competition. It was to all intents and purposes an authentic Italian championship, the first, promoted by Open Fiber, among the main infrastructure companies built entirely in fiber optics.

Success for teams and audiences

140 teams entered the championship, which lasted three months from November 2021 to January 2022, who challenged each other until the final act broadcast live in a program hosted by the well-known Bryan “BryanBox” Ronzani that exceeded 300,000 views on Twitch with the win. of the ZBW team. The team made up of Balerion, Willemkh and Zerefttv dominated first-timers on both console and PC in a cross-platform tournament that was the key to the success of this edition.

Community involvement

Another key to success was also the participation of the Apex Legends community thanks to the involvement of EGA_TVs and the expert voices of the championship commentators who mainly narrated the final act: Thomas “Hal” Avallone, streamer, content creator and referent face of Italian Apex Legends players, and Edoardo “Eddie” Cianciosi, historical voice of Italian esports.

“Lots of news in 2022”

Satisfaction of Open Fiber who created the tournament in collaboration with ESL Italia. Andrea Colucci told us how it went and what awaits us: “We have been actively supporting the world of video games for 2 years and the response from the community is always very positive. In 2022, we will launch various initiatives that will aim to increase user awareness of the need for FTTH connectivity, made entirely of fiber optics, to compete at the highest level, with infinitesimal latency times and professional gamer performance. ”.