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Griff's challenge begins, here are the comps I'll use today

Griff’s challenge begins, here are the comps I’ll use today

Griff’s challenge begins, here are the comps I’ll use today

Griff’s Challenge Event starts in a few minutes, so I thought I’d share with you the comps I’ll use today to try and win this challenge.

Warning: I will play this challenge in Live at 5pm so if you like, I will also wait for you to play it together with my many accounts and have fun! Search Twitch for: Sparx_em

Griff’s challenge modes and maps

There will be five game modes and therefore the maps of Griff’s challenge and will be:

  • Footbrawl: Camp Brawl
  • Robbery: Pit Stop
  • Siege: Assembly Line
  • Wanted: Layered Arena
  • Grab Grab: Remote Refuge

For the first map of the challenge, Camp Brawl, I will use Bea mid and then EMZ and TARA who will play in lane.

In the second map, Pit Stop, we will play with Bull, El Primo and Edgar;

In the third map, Assembly Line, I will be using Eugenio, Dynamike and Stu

Fourth Map, Layered Arena, we’ll go to Piper, Brock and Tick

In the last map, hoping that everything will be fine, I will use Eugenio, Sandy and Tara.

These are the comps that I will be using today with my team on Brawl Stars hoping to be able to get the new Brawler Griff!

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