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Hackers crack iPhone 13 and iOS 15

Hackers crack iPhone 13 and iOS 15

Apparently, a group of hackers cracked the iPhone 13 for the first time. A permanent unlock program will be released soon, but there is a catch.

iPhone cracker group Odyssey has apparently succeeded in developing the first working jailbreak for iPhone 13 and iOS 15. The group has now posted a first screenshot of their “Cheyote” software tool.

Jailbreak is a method to remove Apple software locks on iPhones and iPads. These prevent users from, for example, installing apps from sources other than the App Store, or making tweaks to the operating system to add features that Apple didn’t intend. For example, in the past, jailbreaking was a popular way for users to install pirated copies of expensive apps.

There is a limitation

In recent years, however, it has become increasingly difficult for iPhone crackers to develop successful jailbreaks as Apple closes the corresponding software holes faster and faster.

However, hackers eventually managed to find vulnerabilities for iOS 13 and, last fall, iOS 14 as well. However, the iOS 15 that has been available ever since has remained untouched until now, and with it all iPhone models. 13, since they only shipped with iOS 15, Apple successfully prevents the installation of older operating systems.

So now the group has managed to crack iPhone 13 and other iPhones running iOS 15. There is still one big limitation: the first version of Cheyote will only work with iOS 15.1.1. However, the current version number is 15.5.