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Halo Infinite Campaign: Now’s the Time to Play

On December 8, you can finally play the Halo Infinite campaign and experience the new story. Source: Xbox Game Studios, 343 Industries

Of the Infinite halo Multiplayer is available to all players for free from November 15. For Xbox’s 20th birthday, Halo Infinite Season 1 launched on the fly. However, this is only part of the release. As we now know, Halo Infinite is expected to release in three parts. The free multiplayer mode is now available. Tomorrow, December 8, it will finally follow Halo Infinite Kampagne, in which you can experience the new story of Master Chief. The announced cooperative campaign will begin next year.

Although Halo is known for its exciting multiplayer battles, many of the fans are already looking forward to the campaign to finally find out how developer 343 Industries has turned the story around the hero. So at least the solo campaign will be playable shortly. So that you know exactly when you can start, the developers have created a Halo Infinite launch map. In it you can see exactly when you can play the campaign.

When can the Halo Infinite campaign be played?

A glance at the map shows you that the Halo Infinite campaign will unlock all over the world at the same time. For our latitudes this means: 7 pm

halo infinite kampagne launch
Launch Map: Here you can see the schedule for the launch of the Halo Infinite campaign.

Halo Infinite Campaign preload and size

It is currently unclear how the developers will handle the release. The game is likely to be offered in two packages. One of them is the multiplayer part, which you can now download. This is around 26GB in size. The campaign is likely available as an add-on package. It is not currently available for download yet. Together the game should be up to 100GB in size, so of course it would be nice if you could load Halo Infinite ahead of time, because this would unnecessarily postpone the time when you can play. 7pm should be at least extremely close.

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The content split is at least very forward-looking and provides space if you’ve already played during the campaign and just want to play multiplayer. This is also a professional solution for e-sports and ambitious gamers mainly looking for competitions.

Free for Xbox Game Pass

While the multiplayer part of Halo Infinite is free, the campaign is a paid part of the game. This costs around 60 euros. Subscribers to the paid service can expect Halo Infinite to be playable for free via Xbox Game Pass. If you decide to buy the game despite Game Pass, you will also have access to cooperative mode, which will follow next year.

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