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The best tab managers for Google Chrome to save RAM


It will make you much easier manage the tabs you use and get to them easily, plus some of them have interesting features like sharing, organizing, saving or even closing them when you’re not using them so you don’t have to worry about this task.

How to choose

Choosing a manager is a task that becomes more than necessary in order to obtain the result you want. First of all, it has to be an extension that we feel comfortable with and that is easy to use based on our Internet use preferences.

On the other hand, you must provide us with the functions that we need during its use or that make it easier for us to manage tabs. For example, if our main problem is navigation, it should make it easier for us to move from one tab to another easily and in seconds, if it is to organize them based on interests, we look for one that focuses more on it, if the objective is to improve memory by discarding the that we do not use this should be the one we select.

In addition, it must be trusted and provide us with the maximum security in its use. It is not good to trust managers who promise a lot but do not inspire credibility, since today there are many cybercriminals who take advantage of any opportunity to reach our computer, information, data and others to profit at our expense. We must also look for those that provide us Privacy.

You can also look at other aspects such as His weight, compatibility, if you have to register or not, if it is free or if there is another paid version with greater features that interest you and any aspect that you consider important.

To make the decision easier, we will tell you about some of the main managers that work today and provide you with high benefits, easy use, security and are also free (some of them have a paid version with more options). We will tell you how to get them and use them to improve RAM consumption from your computer while accessing the Internet. This will also be determined according to the use you give it and its function.

How to use them

Once you know what they are and what you need them for, it is important to know how to use them so that you can browse the Internet comfortably, without limitations and optimizing your computer’s resources thanks to them. Therefore, we are going to comment on some of the top tab managers for Google Chrome and how to use each of them.


This is an extension that you can use in Chrome to organize your tabs open on boards which are made up of rows and columns. In this way, you can save equipment resources and manage their use efficiently. This modern bookmark and window manager lets you organize your web pages favorites. When you open a new tab, your dashboard will open in no time. You just have to give install in Chrome and later, when a new page opens, add to Chrome.

Once you’ve done it, you can import your bookmarks manually or with your browser. Or you can go to the next step if you hit Jump. You will find information about your bookmarks, open tabs and more by means of a comfortable board. You can identify yourself, search for what you want and configure it to your liking and preferences. In addition, you can save all or some of them in a column in just one click. One of its main advantages is that you can collaborate online and the devices are synchronized. There are payment plans.

qlearly installed manager


Toby is another extension that you can use to group open tabs into collections or groups to be able to use them depending on when we need them, thus ensuring that they are not running unnecessarily when we are not using them. It occupies 24.89MiB. This manager shows the open pages with a list format and the tabs of your favorites, as the home page of your browser. Have a search engine and groups of pages of interest that you can configure for your daily consultation, when you need it, forgotten pages and more. Those in the list can be saved to open later or reorder.

toby manager

Once you enter the web, click to add and it appears in Chrome, you can register or identify yourself or enter as a guest. Once you do, you will have your collections by hand and you will see the right the extensions that you have open to be able to go to them as you need it easily, being a very intuitive and easy to visualize list. If you give the x in the same panel you will close the corresponding tab. You can also save the session so they are seen in the center of the screen as a collection instead of on the right. Be careful, if you have saved the session and uninstall the extension, these will disappear and you will have to reopen them, something that does not happen with other extensions.

toby in use manager


OneTab is one of the best known that promises reduce up to 95% RAM. The tabs become an accessible and easy-to-use list, being ideal if you don’t usually know how many you have. It occupies a total of 1014 KB and is available in 31 languages. Guard all open temporarily so that we can open them when we need them, either individually or in groups, thus allowing us to save RAM while we access the Internet with the browser. The only downside is that you may find it difficult to read the lists without expanding.

onetab administrator

To start using it you just have to go to its link and click Add to Chrome (Add). Later, if you have many tabs, click on the icon and turn them into a list. If you need to access them again, you can restore them one or all at the same time. As long as they are on the list, you save up to the promised 95% memory and can even reduce CPU load thereby speeding up your computer, depending on the scripts running on them.

Whenever you want, you can restore a tab, everything, delete everything, share as a web, call the group of them, block it, highlight it or see the help, among other options.

onetab in use manager


Tabli is a free manager that allows you Quickly switch between tabs and windows. You can easily save and restore your windows with it. Its size is 2.55MiB. Once you enter the web and add the extension you can use it by giving its icon or in Ctrl + Period. You can manage the shortcuts and activate the synchronization with your account to have it on all your computers.

tabli chrome manager

The extension with the tabs will appear as a floating window open and a search engine (in case you have many or it is more comfortable). If you put a word in the search engine, only the tabs that include it will appear. If you click on a website on the list, it will take you directly to its tab so you don’t have to search where it is.

tabli in use manager


So that you have less eyelashes and can focus on productivity, this manager eliminates those that are unnecessary automatically so that you do not have distractions. In addition, you can restore them in one click. It is easy to use and automates actions such as rearranging, grouping, deleting or finding the important ones. It occupies 291KiB. It allows you to improve the speed of your browser and optimize the RAM memory of your computer.

tabby extension manager

Once you go to their website and add them to the browser, you can use it by clicking on the image of its icon. A screen will first appear that welcomes you and you must give Start. You will see a video of tips for use. It will indicate the tabs that it has closed in the last 24 hours and a configuration wheel to adapt it according to your needs. Depending on how you do it, it will do its job, but also consider how you usually use the web pages that you do not use or if you usually need them after a while.

chrome tabby

These are some of the main extensions that you can use to improve RAM, CPU and resources of your computer, whether it is powerful or not and that will make your life easier if you are a person who likes to have open tabs.

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