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Hard setback for Elon Musk: The new Tesla plant has to close again!



Hard setback for Elon Musk: The new Tesla plant has to close again!

This is certainly not how Elon Musk envisioned the first months of his new Tesla plant in Grünheide (Brandenburg).

Green – That’s how it went Elon Musk (51) The first few months of your new Tesla– Plant in Grünheide (Brandenburg) certainly not presented.

Bitter pill for Elon Musk (51): his new Tesla factory is not working as well as expected. © Patrick Pleul/dpa-Zentralbild/POOL/dpa

According to a report from image the giga factory, which opened in march, has to close again!

Consequently, the drastic measure is necessary because production is far worse than expected. Of the 500,000 electric cars to be produced per year, one is miles away with 1000 vehicles produced per week.

For that to change, the processes have to change. To carry out this project, the new plant will remain closed for two weeks.

Various changes are then planned during this closing time: Among other things, they apparently want to review the shift system so that in future work will be carried out in three instead of two shifts.

In addition, the overall manufacturing process will be speeded up. Until now, the cars have been at different production sites for up to three minutes. This time should be reduced to about half a minute.

As if concerns about the already open production facility weren’t big enough, the future of the planned battery factory is apparently still in the stars. According to the report, employees are simply lacking for the expansion to make car batteries planned for the end of the year. Of the 9,000 workers needed, 4,500 are still missing.

Because it is not entirely clear whether Tesla will also be able to control battery production in the coming months, politicians are reacting. The mayor of Grünheide, Arne Christiani (63), removed the corresponding development plan from the list of current concerns. As Musk’s business in Brandenburg is currently doing, too many community representatives are dubious about the point of further development.

Perhaps the CEO has enough concerns with the currently troubled plant, which has already been put into operation…

Cover photo: Patrick Pleul/dpa-Zentralbild/POOL/dpa, Patrick Pleul/dpa (image montage)

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