Developer and publisher poncle has released the latest 0.8 patch for the surprise hit Vampire Survivors! Nicknamed “The Winged One”, the big final boss, waiting for you at the end of the last level, finally comes into play. Stage 5 has been redesigned for this purpose and is now introduced to players in the new version.

But that’s not all with new content for Vampire Survivors in Patch 0.8, available now on Steam and coming soon to PC Game Pass. In addition to the new final boss, it will also be possible to find the last and final relic, which integrates a new surprise mechanic. Surprises and vampire survivors go so well together. Now there are new surprises, secrets and Easter eggs to discover.

Patch 0.8 includes:

  • A new version of the last level (level 5) with a very special boss fight
  • One Last Planned Relic (Note: Adds a new game mechanic)
  • 3 new achievements
  • 1 new arcana
  • 1 new relic that unlocks the bestiary
  • Graphics updates and minor tweaks and fixes.
vampire survivors roadmap 0.8
The Vampire Survivors developer roadmap continues to fill up. source: poncle

[SPOILER] Vampire Survivors v0.8.0 Useless Teaser

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