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Hardware: The six best gaming laptops

Hardware: The six best gaming laptops

4P|Eike wrote: ?Yesterday 16:15

Ryan2k22 wrote: ?Yesterday 16:02

1. The top six? did you all try?
2. The table is choppy for me at the bottom and to the right, there is no scroll bar.
3. What are the performance values ​​of the game? Sometimes 30 FPS is still smooth, does it stutter sometimes?
4. Worse at volume. How do you combine something loud (34/49) and quiet (36/49)? Higher values ​​but calm?
Sorry, that doesn’t add much information.

Thanks for the advice, we have corrected the error in the volume table. Unfortunately, displaying the embed at this length is a bit browser dependent: it works in Chrome and Safari, the thing can also be scrolled in Firefox with the mouse wheel but without a bar on the edge.

Thanks for the reply. In the current Firefox I don’t see any bars and I can’t scroll inside the table either. Not even if I turn off AdBlocker. I can only “scroll” if I select all the text and the screen “slides”. Otherwise, what is to the right and below is choppy.
What volume error are you referring to?
It still says:
A little loud (34/49) – Quiet (35/48) – Quiet (36/49) – A little loud (34/58) – Bar (33/49) – Quiet (35/52)
And somehow it doesn’t add up. How can 34/49 decibels be “a little loud” (first column) but 35/52 decibels “quiet” (last column)? That would be like 10kg being a bit heavy and 11kg light. And with frame rate, it’s just as confusing.