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Has it become a new generation of gaming gadgets? Talk about Windows 11-Windows 11 game features

Microsoft has released the next generation of the Windows system: Windows 11. The official version of Windows 11 will be released to users for free in the second half of the year. For many years, Windows has been the most suitable PC system for gaming. Previously, Windows 7, Windows 8, and even Windows 10 have added many features that promote further transformation of PC gaming, such as the new DirectX interface, the new model WDDM, etc. To play with the features of new hardware and new games, the latest Windows system is essential.

Windows 11 also inherits the glorious tradition of its predecessors. In the new system,MicrosoftMany new game-related features have been added. Windows 11 is expected to become a new generation of system-level gaming artifacts. So the question is, what new features have been added to Windows 11 that are closely related to gaming? Do players need to upgrade to Windows 11? Let’s have a short chat today.

Can Windows 11 take full advantage of the new CPU?

If you pay attention to DIY, you should know that this year will be a year of big changes in desktop CPUs. This year, Intel will launch the 12th generation Alder Lake Core processor. The unique feature of this processor is that it uses a large and small core design similar to mobile processors: small cores provide high power efficiency for everyday use environments, while cores The upper limit of performance in heavy load environments is guaranteed .

Intel’s 12th Gen Core will also use large and small core designs, requiring optimized programming by the operating system to reproduce its proper performance.

This design seems to take into account both power efficiency and performance, but to take full advantage of the chip’s features, it also requires the programming cooperation of the operating system. The operating system must be smart enough to precisely determine when to use the small kernel and when to call the large kernel. Unfortunately, since desktop processors have only started to use large and small core designs, current Windows systems have not optimized them. If you want to harness the power of large and small core architectures like Alder Lake, you need to upgrade to Windows 11.

In fact, media tests have been conducted comparing the performance differences between Windows 11 and Windows 10 on large and small CPU platforms.SamsungThe Galaxy Book S device, is based on the Lakefield Core i5-L16G7 platform, and Lakefield is a typical large and small core design CPU, which can be considered as an Alder Lake outpost. The following are the results of the specific tests.

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The first is the GeekBench 5 test. Compared to Windows 10 21H1, Windows 11 has a 5.8% advantage on multithreading and a 2% advantage on single threads. Windows 11 performance is better than Windows 10 21H2, but the improvement is not very exciting, I hope the final version will perform better.

Then came the browser with Speedmeter 2, and the test also showed that Windows 11 performance was better. With the same Chrome 91, Windows 11 has a 10% performance advantage over Windows 10 21H1.

Let’s look at the rendering results again. In Cinebench R23, Windows 11 showed an advantage of approximately 8.2% in the single-threaded test. This test result is obtained through three different tests, and the Core i5-L16G7 processor shows stronger performance in Windows 11.

Finally, there is the 3DMark test. There is no significant performance difference in the test. This is understandable: 3DMark is heavily dependent on the driver, and the new system and new hardware have yet to have a perfect combination of drivers.

It can be seen that Windows 11 has significantly better performance than Windows 10 on the small and large core CPU platform, which will bring higher frame rates, lower latency and less lag in the game, for the size. Insufficient kernel architecture can significantly increase the lag of kernel switching between different architectures, and Windows 11 is obviously better for both large and small kernel optimizations.

In addition to Alder Lake, desktop PCs will usher in larger and smaller core different architecture CPUs in the future, such as ARM processor designed by big.LITTLE and so on. In any case, Windows 11 can take better advantage of the power of the new CPU. It is reported that Microsoft will use Windows Update in the future to further optimize the CPU of the mixed architecture of small and large cores. maximize hardware performance, don’t miss out. Windows 11 is now.

Can Windows 11 take the power out of the new graphics card?

We know that each generation of Windows will update the DirectX interface and update the WDDM graphics driver model, with the new GPU to bring more and more advanced graphics features, Windows 11 is no exception.

First, Windows 11 will introduce new DirectX features, such as DirectStorage. DirectStorage allows direct access to the GPUSSD, Reduce the graphic data transfer link, reduce the delay and reduce the image reading time, but also increase the video memory storage space, providing a more favorable operating environment for the development of the world map than is becoming more and more popular in game design.Currently NV andAMDThe latest generation of graphics cards already support DirectStorage functions such as RTX IO on card N and SAM on card A. And honestly, Windows 10 can also support DirectStorage through system updates and get a similar experience.

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DirectStorage scheme, GPU can directly access SSD without CPU and memory

Second, Windows 11 will introduce the WDDM 3.0 display driver model, which will change some GPU calling mechanisms. For example, it enables the Linux subsystem to directly manage more video memory, significantly improving the graphics performance of the Linux subsystem. Although this has little to do with gamers, the improvements to GPU programming in Windows 11 are not limited to this.

Windows 11 updated the WDDM 3.0 graphics driver model

Windows 11 will also introduce more settings for GPU programming. The system allows users to specify a certain application software to use a specific graphics card, which can achieve better performance. When selected, the corresponding application will ask you about the solution to use the high-performance GPU, as shown in the figure below.

If you want more customization options, you can use an option called “Specific GPU” to configure the GPU for each program.

For devices with multiple GPUs, this mechanism allows users to more clearly select a certain GPU to run games, and the tragic situation of playing games on a centralized screen will no longer exist, and it will be more perfect to reproduce the performance of the hardware.

Can Windows 11 realize the potential of the display?

More and more displays support HDR. Compared with traditional SDR, HDR can display screen brightness more accurately and increase the upper limit of brightness. However, you can enjoy HDR without an HDR screen. There are still a large number of games developed based on SDR and they do not support HDR. In this situation, Windows 11 is very necessary.

Windows 11 supports Auto HDR, which can take full advantage of HDR displays

Windows 11 introduced Auto HDR, which is aXbox X / S Series Features As the name describes, Auto HDR enables DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games that only support SDR to automatically enhance color and brightness via HDR. As long as the player has the correct screen, older games will also get a significant visual enhancement via HDR.

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If you already have an HDR monitor and the game you are currently playing does not support HDR, then Windows 11 is worth a try.

Are Windows 11 game resources more abundant?

In recent years, Microsoft has been integrating home game consoles and PC game resources. It has released Xbox-related apps on Windows 10, and a large number of XGP games shared with the Xbox platform have been put on the Microsoft Store. In Windows 11, this common idea of ​​game resources has been further strengthened. Windows 11 directly integrates the Xbox application, providing a more intuitive way of managing the game, while also providing a community for great games and exchanges with other players.

Windows 11 shares a large number of gaming resources on the Xbox platform

Additionally, XGP resource sharing has also evolved. Today, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studio and Bethesda have simultaneously released new games on console and PC, joining XGP (Xbox Game Pass service) on launch day. This cross-platform concurrent sales strategy will reportedly also apply to more cooperating studios and manufacturers in the future, allowing gamers to freely choose a host or PC and maintain a consistent experience.

Simply put, with Windows 11, you can more easily get game assets on the Xbox platform. Although Windows 10 can now also get a similar experience by installing the Xbox app, Windows 11, which comes pre-installed with related features, is undoubtedly more attentive in this regard.


In recent years, other desktop operating systems have also started to push themselves into games, such asAppleIt introduced the Matel API and started operating the Arcade game subscription service, trying to make the game resources of the mobile platform and the desktop platform interoperable. But in the short term, no one can shake Windows’ position in the gaming arena. If you use a PC to play games, Windows is still the first option.

Every generation of Windows has put a lot of effort into gaming, making Windows the most suitable desktop for gaming for many years. In Windows 11, we can also see Microsoft’s adaptation and compatibility of new hardware, the application and promotion of advanced graphics technology. In the era of Windows 11, what kind of gaming masterpiece will be born on the PC, and what new experience will it bring? Let’s wait for it together.