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Have you ever felt that your actions changed your MMO world?


Along Joseph Bradford September 2, 2020 | column | 0

In many stories, we all play heroes. But in the case of MMORPG, the story goes not only to you, but to thousands of other players around you. It can be difficult to feel as if the action is important or really changes the outcome or course of the game world. Is there a moment in your story when you clearly feel that your actions have changed the world of the future?

Play well EVE Online.. Apart from Lord of the Rings Online, Eve Probably the second most popular MMO of the year. That moniker has always been Eve Your behavior so far is to affect the entire game world, even if it doesn’t really look like it at first.

Eve’s The sandbox is full of player choice and results-but most of the drama is player-created and player-driven. However, EVE Online Authentic third quadrant and Triglavian invaders (NPC alien invaders Eve Universe), it never felt like all the choices I have in question.

At first, I just shot down the EDENCOM rat in the contested system. Each of my murders helped the Trigravians achieve their ultimate minimality. These systems weren’t that important, but they felt great to be part of a fleet that helped make them red.

But when two weeks ago the Trigravians attacked an incredibly important and strategic system, it hit the head about two weeks ago now. Eve’s Huge trading hub-Niarja.

As i said Yesterday interview with the CCP team, The importance of Nialha cannot be exaggerated. Bypassing the system turns into a 45-jump flight. Plotting Nialha would be a 9-jump flight from Jita to Amarr. Keeping it open is essential for most people Eve’s Trader and businessman.

However, the Trigravians aimed at the system and decided to make it theirs. And the players helped me just as I did.

It wasn’t because of the desire to see New Eden burns. I’ve been on the Trig side from day one and maintained it, even on this very important system. I didn’t expect the powerful and massive corps of New Eden to actually disrupt this vital system, but for a while it didn’t. The Imperium sent troops as well as the Braves-the powerful Null-Sec alliance evoked a ton of pilots into the system.

Kaibanots, and other players fighting for the Trigravians, have retreated-and in the end, the system falls to the Trigravians, forever changing the landscape of New Eden.

This is one of the moments when the PVE event caused the player to permanently determine the outcome. This wasn’t part of the instance or specific server, EVE Online The universe will change forever, depending on how you decide to battle in Nialua.

I can’t think of another moment in the game years when another game change happened as a direct result of my interaction. Of course, the following big strategy game Crusader Kings Incredibly dependent on how your character plays, but MMO-a world shared by thousands of people-usually if you have an event that changes a huge world, it’s because the developers created the scripts .. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth..

Have you ever participated? Or did you feel that one of your actions made a direct difference to the world of MMO you lived in? What was that moment, and how did it feel when it was happening, finally settled and you could see the aftermath?

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