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When will Brawl Stars' season 2, Summer of Monsters, begin?

The first community-made skin joins Brawl Stars

Image via Supercell

Horus boh skins made by community figures GedikolAdded to, Brawl star Early today. This is the first community-made skin released in the game.

Gedikol first revealed the idea of ​​skin 1 year ago with Reddit.. later Super cell makeup Provided game assets to help the community design original skins that can be added to the community Brawl star.. Then Gedigor was selected as the winner of the first skin contest.

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Horus Bo costs 150 gems in the store. Those who haven’t unlocked Bo can get it by earning 3,000 trophies.

Bo has received four skins in the game, but some are not so lucky. Three of them did not get skin for more than 300 days. Pam became the longest without skin at 955 days. Rosa and Tick are other brawlers who haven’t received new skin for over 300 days.

Meanwhile, customizable control options have recently been added to the game. The player is[設定]Move to[コントロールの編集]You can change the button location by clicking.

Earlier this month, recently added gadgets also received significant changes to adjust their strategic strength and usage. The latest Browler sprout became nervous along with other balance changes.

Current Brawl star The season ends in 3 days. Players with more than 550 trophies will lose some of them, but you can make up for them by using Starpoints in the shop.