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He accused an African American of stealing a cell phone and it was in his bag


Sacramento.- A woman between 35 and 45 years old starred in an embarrassing moment when accuse an African-American employee of stealing his cell phone in shopping center in Sacramento, California; His racist unconscious came to light on cameras, as the mobile was inside his bag.

All of the above was recorded by people who were in the trade and later uploaded to TikTok, where went viral for showing one of the gray sides that not everyone sees in everyday life in the United States and much of the world.

In the clip uploaded by the account “fuxktdub“You hear and see the woman accuse the employer, while he repeats that he did not take his smartphone. The man had to take out everything he had with him as proof that he was not a thief. At that time they still did not know Where was it.

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By this time the store manager suggested calling Mobile phone to find it, she incredulously replied that it might already be off. Still, the young African American took out his phone for the same female to dial.

As she called his number, she continued the accusations for the worker. When the mobile was finally heard ringing, the defendant laughed and left the site, everything had become clear: it was in the handbag.

It was then that she began to apologize, and express her feelings about the confusion, even so, social networks criticized her and released comments insinuating that the behavior was racist for accusing an Afro-descendant when she was not the only person there.

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For their part, Internet users acknowledged that the young man remained calm at all times despite the fact that he knew, they were incriminating him without grounds.

He accused an African American of stealing a cell phone and you won’t believe where he was

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