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Best Home Finance & Book Apps in 2022


With the right financial tools and apps, it’s easy to keep track of your income and expenses. And that without incurring any additional cost. Some digital home books, for example, not only help you get an overview, but also give you tips for saving. In the video, you will learn how you can save money on Amazon too.

There are several ways to control your finances. Probably the most classic type is the home book form. Excel spreadsheets, templates, and practical applications are also commonly used, which do a large part of the work automatically. We will introduce you to the best tools for your finances.

The off-road apps: Bluecoins and Money Manager

Money Manager (left) and Bluecoins (center, right) bring all the important functions to the smartphone.
Money Manager (left) and Bluecoins (center, right) bring all the important functions to the smartphone.

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Tracking income and expenses through a smartphone offers several benefits. You can enter your purchases directly in the app at the grocery store, or in some cases, just take a photo of the receipt. The second advantage of financial tracking via mobile phone is the available software.

The really modern tools now appear almost exclusively for the smartphone. The best Money Manager and Bluecoins apps for Android are contemporary in design and also offer a host of practical features. We recommend Money Manager on the iPhone.

To download: Money Manager and Bluecoins

In addition to the standard registration of accounts and payments, both applications offer many other useful functions. In this way, you get to detail your expenses down to the last detail and establish your monthly budget for various categories.

If you want an even greater range of features, you can purchase premium versions of both apps. You can even use the Pro version of Money Manager on your PC.

The best financial tools for the pc

Even those who prefer to enter only their income and expenses on the PC will not leave empty-handed. With the free MyMicroBalance program, you can manage your savings and assess your finances. Enter your input and output through a neat and functional interface. You can automate recurring items. All your data can be protected against unauthorized access with a password.

The tool not only calculates your current account balance, it also evaluates your data graphically. So you can see at a glance when and what you’ve spent a lot of money on. If you prefer to enter your details yourself, you can download several free budget book templates from us. Whether as a printable PDF or an Excel template, you have all the freedom you need.

Budget Book: Download Now

Smart Budget Book for Smartphones: Mobills and 1Money

Mobills (left, center) and 1Money (right) offer more financial tracking features than usual.
Mobills (left, center) and 1Money (right) offer more financial tracking features than usual.

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The 1Money and Mobills Android apps come with a sleek design and cool features, which go beyond a simple home book. In 1Money you can record all expenses at a glance and see the different categories. There is also a special budget function that you can use to divide your salary into savings and expenses into different categories, such as food, cars, or shopping. At the beginning of the month you can see what to expect and what you will save.

With a clearly structured and customizable dashboard, it is very easy to have an overview on Mobills. You can see at a glance how much money you have left for the month. With travel mode, you can enter your vacation expenses separately. Individual destinations like a new car or vacation trip that you can pay for on a monthly basis also make it easy to save money. IPhone users can also download Mobills.

Mobills also has a web view that you can use in the free version as well. The premium version of this app is a bit more expensive and can only be purchased with a subscription model. 1Money is also available in the Pro version without subscription. You pay 14.99 euros for this.

To download: 1Money and Mobills

Saving money in everyday life: the right purchases help enormously

When it comes to saving, it’s often the little things that count in life. In addition to a budget book, for example, a simple shopping list helps save a lot of money. If you focus on the products you really need when shopping, you won’t end up with a cluttered shopping cart at the checkout. Bring! Shopping lists for Android and iOS help you keep track of things.

To download: Bring shopping list

Saving at work: billing expenses correctly

Many employees make accurate calculations, penny for penny, while others don’t even know what expenses will be reimbursed by their employer. But expenses are also a big issue, especially for business travelers. Our download package provides you with a template package for invoices and expenses, which you can easily adapt and complete according to your own requirements.

With Microsoft templates, special emphasis was placed on layout options for formatting text, as well as quick and easy creation of a professional invoice or expense report. All templates are compatible with “Microsoft Office Word” and “Microsoft Office Excel” from version 2003 onwards.

Download Now: Office Templates

The best financial downloads

Haven’t found the right thing yet? In our list, we have put together a great collection of tools so that you can take control of your finances in the future.

Budget Book: Best Downloads

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