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He stayed up with his girlfriend and “tended” to steal cables, so he fell into the hands of security.


After Ali R., an employee of the KVA company who is in charge of maintenance matters at Electricité du Liban, inspected the power station centered on the Charles Helou bridge, it was discovered that cables had been stolen from the tunnel under the bridge which extends to the Electricity Company, which contains large quantities of a large number of electrical cables, and after informing their superiors of the matter and coordinating with the Beirut Investigation Patrol, on 9/19/2021 the defendants were arrested inside the tunnel while working to cut the cables in preparation for their robbery.

It turned out that the seven defendants are: Hassan.Kh (Lebanese), Ibrahim.T (Syrian), Ibrahim. S. (Lebanese), Shadi J., Tamer.H, Ali.H and Ali.K. (Palestinians and the last three minors).
When questioned, the defendant, Hassan.K. He stated that he was staying in the town of Mar Mikhael with his girlfriend Georgette until eight o’clock in the morning and then he went home in the town of Ain Al-Mraiseh, and when he reached the Charles Helou bridge he passed under him to do your needs. He was surprised by an investigative patrol who attacked him and fled from him. Towards the tunnel where he was detained, noting that he does not know any of the detainees. , nor does he know the reason for his arrest, and it has nothing to do with any robbery.
The defendant, Shadi J., claimed he was collecting plastic when he was arrested. As for the two defendants, Tamer.H and Ali.K., said they came to Mahalla with the intention of collecting scrap metal, and were at the beginning of the tunnel when a security patrol attended and worked to detain them, and Tamer added that the patrol detained three other people They were inside the tunnel, since the defendant Ali H. claimed that he came with the defendant Ibrahim T. to the district with the aim of collecting scrap metal and they entered the tunnel where they saw two young men cutting the cables and stealing them. When the two young men mentioned were not arrested, and the accused, Ibrahim. S., stated that he came to Al-Mahalla only with the intention of collecting scrap metal, and upon reaching the tunnel, he was arrested for an unknown reason.
Upon listening to the employee, Ali R., explained that he informed his work manager, Ali.Q, of the theft that took place inside the aforementioned tunnel, and that after coordinating with the security patrol, the seven suspects were detained inside the enclosure. tunnel while stealing cables after cutting them.
During questioning, the defendants denied what was attributed to them, and Hassan.Kh added that he was there by chance, while the others said they were collecting scrap metal locally.
In the judicial session of 12/13/2021, the defendants were taken and appeared without restriction, as was the representative of minors, and all denied what was attributed to them, repeating their previous statements.
The events were supported by the evidence derived from them, especially the statements of the accused, Ali R., in which he confirmed that the seven accused were arrested while they were trying to remove the cables in the town that belongs to the Electricité du Liban, and the two mentioned were present together in the district at the same time under the pretext of collecting scrap metal without any prior coordination. Among them, what was mentioned in their statements, with the exception of the accused Hasan.K. who stated that he was there by chance, knowing that the arrest occurred at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, while he affirmed that he passed there at eight in the morning.
The Beirut Criminal Court, chaired by Judge Sami Sedky, ruled by majority to convict defendant of the penalties of article 638 / felony, impose a sentence of three years of forced labor and reduce it to one year, always That the period of his preventive detention and his arrest in person is calculated for him.
The sentence also criminalized the defendants Ibrahim T., Shadi J. and Ibrahim S. with the felony of article 638 and imposed the penalty of forced labor for a period of three years, reducing it to one year, reducing it to the sufficiency of the period. of their arrest, and release each of them unless they have been detained for another reason.
The sentence also ruled that the defendants, Tamer H., Ali H. and Ali K., be penalized with the felony of article 638 / penalties attached to article 200 thereof, and that each of them was referred to the Juvenile Court for the fault of minors in accordance with Law No 422/2002.

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