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Xbox Game Pass, the new selection of free games is on the move: here are the titles


The new free video games are available to all Xbox subscribers and since it’s a good opportunity it’s worth seeing what we can try.

This payment service, being monthly, is continuously updated to guarantee incredible surprises to its users –

This year they came, once again, once series of titles free directly with Xbox Game Pass. Judging by what has been proposed it is clear that we will be able to reproduce many products that we will like surely.

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And to do so it will be enough to be subscribers Alabama Service of Xbox Game Pass, which has always offered interesting games between them and that have the express purpose of capturing thespectator attention. So let’s see what you have in store Microsoft for us this time.

The list of titles

Xbox Game Pass, the new selection of free games is on the move: here are the titles
Subscription is very similar to PlayStation Plus so they always release free products from

The official list of new games available are available on the site itself Xbox, so January could be an optimal month and that would give uschance to test with the hands of our gods Titles well done and interesting.

Also, some of these may be known of us, while others may appear completely new and never seen before. With this premise, therefore, there is nothing left but Try them and see if there is they will like it The less.

What’s more, we remember most products will be available immediately, while others may be juice after. However, there will be all month available to us, so don’t worry about it point of view.

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We also take into account theeventuality that, in case we didn’t have the weather to put them to the test, we will have the opportunity to test them later. February could be a clear example, so there is no need to despair let alone be impatient. However, to conclude, we leave you theready in question:

  • Gorogoa ID (cloud, console, PC) @Xbox
  • Olija ID (cloud, console, PC) on Xbox
  • The pedestrian ID (cloud, console, PC) on Xbox
  • Embr (cloud, console, PC) ID @ Xbox – 6 gennaio
  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Console, PC) EA Play – 6 Gennaio
  • Outer Wilds ID (Cloud, Console, PC) on Xbox – 6 Gennaio
  • Spelunky 2 (Console, PC) ID @ Xbox – January 13
  • The Anacrusis (Game Preview) (Console, PC) ID @ Xbox – January 13
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