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Health Technology and knowledge transfer to the elderly

Health Technology and knowledge transfer to the elderly


By editors

PROO wants to encourage older people to play an active role in Overijssel society. Especially the elderly themselves, but also legislators and other stakeholders are invited to this fascinating web experience. WEBINAR is for everyone on November 12

It can be followed from 10.45 am through: / webinar. With this Webinar, PROO – Overijssel Elderly Participation Council wants to promote the transfer of knowledge of care technologies to the elderly and draw attention to the position of the elderly in the province of Overijssel. PROO – Participation Council Elderly Overijssel, is a volunteer platform for organized and independent older people that seeks answers to the social problems that surround the growing population of older people in Overijssel. The basic principle is “Influence governments and other institutions in social development”.

Exciting web experience for engaged seniors, healthcare workers, and legislators.

This webinar will be the start of the pilot project, in which the Overijssel Senior Participation Council (PROO) focuses on familiarizing care recipients with technological developments and innovations. There is still much to be gained in the acceptance and adaptation of new technologies in healthcare, if user groups are consulted early on on the design and use of innovations.

Emphasis will be placed on introducing older people to and dealing with new technologies. Too many advances refer to the elderly, without making use of the knowledge and perception of the elderly. Healthcare technology threatens to remain out of reach for many, because the design and / or manual do not meet the needs of (mostly older) customers. There are no costs involved.

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