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Video games are case studies for using specific goals as a motive

You know when you finally jump to the flagpole Super mario bros. Does the level and this incredible feeling wash you away? This is because we have just achieved our measurable goals.

From many video games Super mario To Candy crushGive clear examples of how to improve performance and growth by setting goals and setting the right ways.

  • The goals of video games are specific. Before starting the level, I fully understand what I need to achieve.To Super marioI need to get to that flagpole before the false turtle shell plunges me down and dies.
  • They are difficult: Without the wrong turtle shell on the way to the flagpole, there would be no sense of accomplishment and you would probably quit the game.
  • The game provides feedback: If you’re dying on your way to the flagpole, it’s clear that you’re doing something wrong. You can adjust your strategy to improve performance.

Games are very effective in motivating people to accomplish their tasks. Non-The game program borrows these tactics in a process known as “”.Gamification.. ”App Duo apple This is a perfect example. It motivates users to learn a new language by earning virtual coins and allowing them to “level up”. Many fitness apps also use gamification to help them become better athletes.

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