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Here are the 10 most downloaded smartphone games in January 2021

Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform compiled the full ranking of the 10 most downloaded mobile games worldwide in January 2021.

First finished Join Clash 3D from Supersonic Studios with 27 million downloads. The countries with the highest number of installations during this period were India with 38.3% of its total downloads and Indonesia with 6.4%.

Among us InnerSloth’s falls to first place since last August and remains the second most installed smartphone game in the world with 26 million downloads. The countries with the highest number of installations were the USA with 15.5%, followed by Brazil with approximately 8%. Though installs have dropped from the peak of around 83 million recorded in September, the title remains extremely popular.

PDO 2 me 3D sushi roll, both from Say Games and Project makeover Bubblegum Games completed the top five positions in order.

Project Makeover, which fuses the Puzzle & Decorate subgenre with the Fashion theme, continues to grow after the global launch in November. In January, the title generated 22.2 million downloads globally, an increase of 57% compared to December. Last month, the title also raised $ 44.7 million from players’ pockets.

The above estimates include downloads of App store me Google Play Store worldwide between January 1 and January 31, 2021. Sensor Tower only considers one-time installations and does not count Apple and Google applications pre-installed on devices.

Android estimates do not include third-party stores and figures represent aggregate installs of all versions of the app, such as Facebook and Facebook Lite.

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