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This is the easy way to share a Wifi connection with an Android phone: at the touch of a button | TECHNOLOGY


The new version Android 12 for mobile phones offers a new option for users to share the network (Wi-Fi) without having to remember or reveal their security code.

You walk into your home or office and eagerly search for Wifi … until today, the host should have the code marked somewhere in the house (often design rules want to be written on a blackboard, for reasons of good hospitality) , or you should make him crawl behind tables and furniture.

The magic box that gives the signal to the whole house is hidden and somewhere registered in it is printed a button of letters and numbers that constitute the Wifi code. And somehow you start to spell to pronounce the letters in English, with pauses to emphasize that the D should be capitalized and so on.

What’s new in the Android version


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No more awkward moments. The new version of software for Android has one more option as of today so that you can share the network, but not the security of your connection. So we read that Android 12 gives users two possibilities to share Wifi with just pressing a few buttons.

Starting with previous versions, Android mobile phone users (all but those using Apple’s iOS mobile software) could generate a QR code. The familiar box that provides a variety of information to any cell phone that scans it. By passing the appropriate application through the QR, one could automatically connect to the space network.

The NearBy Share option for Android devices

But there is another option. The user can select the networks from the settings and from there press the Share or “share” button. In addition to the QR code, mobile phones with the new version of Android will give another option, NearShare. By selecting this, the device searches for nearby devices and in a similar way to connecting two devices through bluethooth gives the option to connect to Wifi.

To be precise, the user of the second mobile phone receives an acceptance message. If you accept Nearby Share, you are automatically connected to the network, without the owner of the connection revealing their security code.

The NearBy Share service has been activated for Android mobile phones since last summer to allow users to share files when their mobiles are nearby. However, we read that there are devices that are not compatible with the service, which is available for Pixel and Samsung Galaxy.

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