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Here you can get the original console covers from


White and pure, this is how the PlayStation 5 should be, that is what the manufacturer Sony had in mind. But not a few fans were disappointed by the understated color scheme and would have liked a little more action. The PS5’s longing for color customization falls on deaf ears at Sony. Until now, because now there are official skins, skins for the PS5 or, as Sony calls them in plain language, console skins.

PS5 Faceplate – Colorful side plates to cover the PlayStation 5

If you are one of the lucky ones who got a PlayStation 5, you can be happy. Everyone else can buy one of the coveted PS5s here and rummage through their pockets. Many gamers, albeit admittedly shallower, who want one of Sony’s official faceplates, which the PS5 maker has had in its range since January, will also have to rummage through their pockets. But these cost a whopping €59.99 and are (so far) only available in two colors, Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. But the money-hungry gamer can breathe easy, because there are (unofficial) alternatives too, some of which are much cheaper. We have selected the best deals on Amazon.

Buy original Sony faceplates on Amazon now

They are finally available on Amazon: Produced by Sony, the official PS5 console covers are now available online. Until now you can choose between the design in “Midnight Black” or “Cosmic Red” as well as the version for the standard or digital edition and with a bit of luck you can even save a little!

Buy PlayStation 5 skins in black, blue and red from other retailers on Amazon

Of course, as a player, you don’t want to go too colorful, but you can’t disagree that a little color is a good thing. If you want to stand out from the currently manageable mass of PS5 owners, a colored faceplate may be the first step in the right direction. Black is the color to go for, mainly because it is reminiscent of previous PlayStations and therefore brings a nostalgic factor to the living room. Here you can buy the PS5 faceplate in black.

If you are more courageous, you can also use PS5 skins in blue or red. Arranged in this way, the kosole becomes an absolute eye-catcher in every apartment, if not anyway. Of course, there are also colorful PS5 controllers available to match the colorful consoles, taking the gaming adventure to new colorful dimensions. Here you can buy the PS5 color plates.


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