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Variable refresh rate: Sony promises VRR for PlayStation 5


Sony has released a new firmware, the so-called “System Software”, for the two game consoles PlayStation 5 (test) and PlayStation 4 and also promises another update, which “in the following months“is intended to bring variable frame rate to PlayStation 5 using variable refresh rate (VRR).

Voice control in the US and UK

The update announced today and already at launch updates the system software from version 21.02-04.51.00 to 22.01-05.00 and thus introduces the features that were already implemented in a beta version in February with new options for group and voice control “Hello”. PlayStation!“, as well as various improvements to the “Game Base” menu.

Voice control, activated by the command “Hey PlayStation!”, is reserved for console gamers in the US and UK at this time. Sony does not disclose when the feature will roll out to other regions.

New group chat options

In response to community feedback, Sony says that it has made some changes to the party system:

  • Open and closed parties
    • When starting a group, you can choose an open or closed group:
      • An open group allows friends to see the group and join without an invitation. Friends of party members can also join.
      • A closed party is for invited players only.
    • Note: When in Game Base on PS5 and Party on PS4 to start a party [Offene Party] is selected, only players using the PS5 or PS4 system software beta can join.
    • To start a group that non-beta players can join, you must [Geschlossene Party] to be voted on.
  • Updated voice chat reporting feature.
    • When reporting something someone said at a party, there are now icons to identify who is speaking.
    • This will help the PlayStation security team take appropriate action based on the report.
  • Share Play update
    • “Share Play” can be started directly from the voice chat card. You no longer need to launch Share Screen first to use Share Play.
  • Voice chat volume
    • Each player’s voice chat volume can now be adjusted individually in a party on PS4, just like on PS5.

Open and closed parties

Open and closed parties

Share Play update

Share Play update

Voice chat volume

Voice chat volume

Game Base extensions on PS5

Additionally, System Software 22.01-05.00 introduces UI improvements for “Game Base” and trophy cards, as well as mono audio for headsets on PlayStation 5.

  • Voice chats are now called parties. For easy access, the Game Base menu has been divided into three tabs: Friends, Groups, and Messages.
  • From the Game Base Control Menu and Maps, you can now:
    • all friends on the tab [Freunde] you can view it in the controls menu or access the player search and friend request feature from the links on this tab.
    • add a player to a party or create a new party directly from Game Base in Control Center. This card can also be used to send text messages, short messages, images and video clips, and view shared media in a group.
  • When someone in a group shares their screen, the (On Air) icon is now displayed.
  • It’s easier to decline friend requests by clicking the button in the friend request list [Ablehnen] was added.

Basic game menu

Basic game menu

Basic game menu

Basic game menu

Variable refresh rate is on the horizon

Variable refresh rate is coming as an update, Sony promised in November 2020. Until now, PlayStation 5 cannot address variable frame rate displays to match the rendered images and refresh rate.

While not yet included in this system software update, the manufacturer announced another PS5 firmware update”in the following months“, which VRR should finally bring to PlayStation 5. As is well known, the feature requires a TV or monitor with an image input via HDMI 2.1.

We are also pleased to share that Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is planned to be released on PS5 in the coming months.

On HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors, VRR dynamically syncs the display’s refresh rate with the PS5 console’s graphical output.

This improves the visual performance of PS5 games by minimizing or eliminating visual artifacts such as frame rate issues and screen tearing. Gameplay in many PS5 titles feels smoother as cutscenes render instantly, graphics look sharper, and input lag is reduced.

Previously released PS5 games may be fully optimized for VRR via a game patch and future games may include VRR support at launch.


Sony brings VRR to the PlayStation 5
Sony is bringing VRR to the PlayStation 5 (Image: Sony)

Sony also wants to use VRR for games that don’t actually support variable refresh improve video quality“. Depending on the manufacturer, both the general VRR option and the secondary option for unsupported games can be disabled at any time.

Microsoft currently has a unique selling point for gaming consoles in this regard with the Xbox Series X and S (test), which have supported the feature since the start of sales.

PS app and PS Remote Play updates

Another small update is the PS app, whose user interface has been updated according to Sony to make it easier to access friends, parties and messaging functions. Additionally, open and close matches can now be created and entered directly through the app. Users of the PS Remote Play app can also use a dark mode that adapts to the theme of the respective mobile operating system.

PS App and PS Remote Play

PS App and PS Remote Play

PS App and PS Remote Play

PS App and PS Remote Play

PS App and PS Remote Play

PS App and PS Remote Play

More information can be found in the detailed article on the PlayStation.Blog.

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