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Hervé Mathoux sole commentator for FIFA 22

Hervé Mathoux sole commentator for FIFA 22

No transfer window by FIFA video game commentators. According to our information, the famous soccer simulation will not replace Pierre Ménès in the commentary of FIFA 22, a game which is scheduled to launch on October 1. Publisher EA Sports would have simply adapted the sounds recorded by FIFA’s other voice, Hervé Mathoux’s, to a solo commentary. Therefore, at least for this edition, the FIFA commentator since 2007 will find himself alone in front of the microphone of the famous game.Contacted, the editor did not want to comment on the information.

After the revelations of the sexist comments of Pierre Ménès in the scenes of the documentary I’m not a bitch, I’m a journalist Aired in March on Canal +, EA Sports had announced that it would stop collaborating with whoever commented with Hervé Mathoux since 2017. “It is very important to us that the behavior of our athletes and our partners is in line with the values ​​of EA Sports FIFA,” EA stated in a press release. Following the actions of Pierre Ménès, we immediately ended our relationship with him. Therefore, EA will not integrate Pierre Ménès’ comments into FIFA 22 or later versions of the game. “

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