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"Hide softball and show us swimming competitions without Italians" - Il Tempo

“Hide softball and show us swimming competitions without Italians” – Il Tempo

The Olympic Games begin, the first Italian medals arrive, but Rai immediately makes discussions with his competition calendar. The fans are divided in the disciplines to follow, Rai 2 by itself cannot transmit all the competitions; To follow Tokyo 2020 fully, you must rely on Discovery streaming, and it is not possible to follow the Games on Raiplay with mobile devices as a matter of rights.

“At this very moment – writes for example user Alessandro Tacchinardi on Facebook – in Tokyo 2020, Japan Italy is playing softball. The first hosts are (probably) the strongest in the world. The blues are the strongest in Europe (continental champions just a few weeks ago). It could be comparable to an Italy-Brazil soccer tournament. It should also be considered that the Olympic softball tournament has only 8 participating nations (therefore, we could aspire to a historic podium). However, Rai (and all other national media) completely ignore the event, disrespecting this beautiful sport. Now in Rai 2 there is a 100 meter breaststroke battery where, among other things, not even an Italian competes … What a pain (but also anger) “.

For the record, Italy in softball was defeated 5-0 by the Japanese.