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Jeu Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy repoussé 2022

Highly anticipated Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy game pushed back to 2022

Announced last September during the launch of PlayStation 5, Hogwarts Legacy is the famous Harry Potter RPG (role-playing game) long awaited by fans around the world for many years. It has been several years since Warner Bros. Games anticipates the arrival of a true open world game that allows players to visit Hogwarts like never before.

After many rumors and other leaks, Warner Bros. finally released a first look at its game developed by the Avalanche studio and it made your mouth water. Possibility to walk freely at Hogwarts College, but also to visit iconic places from the Harry Potter universe such as the town of Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley. The ability to learn new spells, improve your character through lessons, and more.

Nice surprise, the game was expected on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S for the year 2021. Unfortunately, we will have to be a little more patient than that.

Hogwarts Legacy misses 2021 train track 9 3/4

So it’s on the game’s official Twitter account Hogwarts Legacy ad dropped. Aiming to offer players a game that meets their expectations, but above all a game that Avalanche teams can be proud of, the latter is postponed to 2022 without further details. In this same press release, it is specified that the objective is also to relieve the development teams and avoid the famous crunching periods that are very intense psychologically and physically weeks of development for the teams.

We would like to thank fans around the world for their incredible reaction to the announcement of Hogwarts Legacy (…). Creating the best possible experience for all Wizarding World and video game fans is paramount to us, so we give the game the time it needs.

See you in just over a year (if all goes well) to discover this long-awaited game. Then it will be time to take part in a great adventure in the 19th century as a new student just arrived at Hogwarts to unravel all the secrets.