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Horizon Call of the Mountain: New trailer promises virtual reality show

Horizon Call of the Mountain: New trailer promises virtual reality show

“Horizon Call of the Mountain” arrives exclusively at Playstation VR2. Of trailers promises a gaming adventure from a different perspective.

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Featuring “Horizon Zero Dawn” from the game developer guerrilla games Sony scored a hit that established a whole new franchise for Playstation gamers. “The Frozen Wilds” was followed in mid-February 2022 by “Horizon Forbidden West”, which followed its predecessor well and lived up to expectations.

Now Playstation has announced the next show “Horizon” and a first trailers included: Mountain Horizon Call. The game is meant to be exclusive to Playstation VR2 Appear. When exactly is not yet known.

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Horizon Forbidden West: Mega Update Available Now

But that is not all! In addition to announcing the VR experience of “call of the mountainNews of a massive ‘Forbidden West’ update also arrived.

This will tempt die-hard “Horizon” fans to dance for joy. Because the update, which should be available immediately, includes not only new outfits, but also the ability to individually reset the skills you’ve already acquired. In addition, there is a new more difficult one. difficulty level and one NewGame+ Mode where you keep your team from the first game. to be added new weapons and new unlockables trophies. All in all, a complete affair that brings many players back to the world of “horizonwill attract Here is the trailer:

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